Handwoven Manjack Scarf
Handwoven Manjack Scarf
Handwoven Manjack Scarf
Handwoven Manjack Scarf

Handwoven Manjack Scarf

Knotty Scarves

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The Magnificent Scarf !

How many times have we heard someone say, she/He wanted something different? They didn’t know what they want; they just wanted it to be different! Well at knotty Scarves, we cater to anyone who would like to wear or own something unique, elegant and priceless at the same time. We have traveled and found objects and accessories of exceptional craftsmanship with a fascinating story.

A Scarf is Born:

The hand weaved scarf is crafted on a Manjack loom using Cotton and Polyester yarn sectional dyeing. The scarves featured on this website are made by the Manjack of Senegal. Historically, Senegal is a caste society. Such societies are made of endogamous "guilds" in which every individual is tasked with perpetuating the hereditary profession, hallmark of his character and social standing. In Senegal and Guinea, the Manjak are weavers. In those countries, these men are initiates, whose wonderful fabrics are showcased here.

Weavers Against the machines:

Traditional weaving is dying! The Manjak weavers can’t possibly compete with Chinese fabrics, batik from Java or the Dutch Wax. It takes two people and six hours to make a Shawl and more than 75% of them have long since disappeared.

Our goal is to allow others to discover these magnificent fabrics and to save this Art form through the production and sales of Scarves: Scarification™ !



 Bright Red with Silver Embroidery

The scarf measures 190cm (75") x 40cm (15.7") excluding the fringe. The spinning is very fine so the final effect is light, not what you would normally expect from handspun, the weight is little less than a pond, but the shawl is very large. In total it took approximately a day to make this shawl and it will bring much pleasure to the wearer.

Smooth transitions bright Red and Silver colors. The scarf turned out tender, soft and warm.